My new favorite video.

anika_cbt_com_10There is just something I love about this new video. Maybe its my full weight on my slaves cock and balls or maybe its my high jumps. No I do that in alot of my videos.  So I think its those nylons I love them!!! I searched a long time for plaid nylons and finally one day I found them. I almost came I was so excited.


Kisses !!

Anika's Cock and Ball Trampling Videos

Anika's Foot Fetish, Trample and POV

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2 Responses to My new favorite video.

Hi mistress anika

I’ve signed up. Also left a comment and another request regarding the previous request you did for me when you trampled the slave with Roman sandals. I loved the clip. I think I posted it on your blog dating Sept 22 2013

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